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UploadAsync in a webform

Nov 20, 2008 at 8:54 AM
Paul -

I've started experimenting with this because of the ability to report the status of the upload via ProgressPercentage. However, I just can't get this to print to screen - it only prints out after the process has finished.

Here's my code:

Scribd.Net.Document.UploadProgressChanged += new EventHandler<UploadProgressChangedEventArgs>(Document_UploadProgressChanged);
Scribd.Net.Document.UploadAsync(strPathToFile, strDocType);

    protected void Document_UploadProgressChanged(object sender, UploadProgressChangedEventArgs e)
        lblError.Text = "Progress is now " + e.ProgressPercentage.ToString() + " % <br />";

All of it is working ok for a 2MB file - it gets added to scribd.

How can I force the lblError.Text to get refreshed as the status changes?