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Scribd.Net.Document class

A Scribd document.


  • AddToCollection(s) : Adds the document to the specified Collection or list of Collections.
  • Save : Saves the document information to Scribd.
  • static BulkSave : Updates multiple documents with information from a single template.
  • static CheckConversionStatus : Retrieves the status of a document conversion from Scribd.
  • static Upload : Uploads a given document to Scribd.
  • static UploadAsync : Uploads a given document to Scribd asynchronously.
  • static Download : Downloads document information from Scribd.
  • static Delete : Deletes a document from Scribd.


  • int DocumentId : Unique identifier for a document assigned by Scribd.
  • string Title : The title of the document.
  • string Description : The description of the document.
  • string Category : The category of the document.
  • string Subcategory : The subcategory of the document.
  • AccessTypes AccessType : Access permission on the document.
  • CCLicenseTypes License : The Creative Commons license on the document.
  • ConversionStatusTypes ConversionStatus : The current status of the documents' conversion.
  • System.Generic.List<string> TagList : Tags associated to the document.
  • System.Uri ThumbnailUrl : Location of the documents' thumbnail JPG image.
  • int RevisionId : The document identifier to revise.
  • string AccessKey : The secure access key associated to the document.
  • string SecretPassword : The password used to secure the private document.


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plateso Jun 14, 2010 at 4:00 PM 
Is it possible to programmatically download documents from Scribd? I mean like .pdf or .doc documents on the HDD. I have not managed to do it using this Library.