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Scribd.Net.Document.BulkSave method

Updates multiple documents with information from a single template.


  • public static void BulkSave(int[] documentId, Document template)
  • public static void BulkSave(System.Generic.List<Document> documents, Document template)


  • int[] documentId : Array of document identifiers to modify and save.
  • System.Generic.List<Document> documents : List of Document to modify and save.
  • Document template : Document containing values to apply to all given documents.

Return Value

  • none

Usage Example

// Get our list of documents.
System.Generic.List<[Scribd.Net.Document> sourceDocuments = Scribd.Net.User.Documents;

// Set up the template to apply
Scribd.Net.Document template = new Scribd.Net.Document();

// Make the template a public document.
template.AccessType = Scribd.Net.AccessTypes.Public;

// Update Scribd.
Scribd.Net.Document.BulkSave(sourceDocuments, template);

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