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Scribd.Net.Document.UploadAsync function

This function uploads a document into Scribd service asynchronously.


  • public static void UploadAsync (string path, string documentType)
  • public static void UploadAsync (string path, AccessTypes accessType)
  • public static void UploadAsync (string path, int revisionNumber)
  • public static void UploadAsync (string path, AccessTypes accessType, string documentType)


  • string path : Local or Url of the document you wish to upload.
  • string documentType : The 3-letter document type (txt, doc, pdf...)
  • AccessTypes accessType : Public or Private accessibility of the document.
  • int revisionNumber : The original document identifier that is now being revised with this upload.

Return Value

  • none

Usage Example

// Upload the documenut
void UploadMyDocument(string path)
     // Set up upload notification
     Scribd.Net.Document.UploadProgressChanged += 
          new EventHandler<UploadProgressChangedEventArgs>(Document_UploadProgressChanged);
     Scribd.Net.Document.Uploaded +=new EventHandler<DocumentEventArgs>(Document_Uploaded);

     // Send our PDF document to Scribd asynchronously.

static void Document_UploadProgressChanged(object sender, UploadProgressChangedEventArgs e)
     // Tell me what the progress is.
     Console.WriteLine(@"Document uploading. {0}% complete.", e.ProgressPercentage.ToString());

static void Document_Uploaded(object sender, DocumentEventArgs e)
     // Tell me the new document id.
     Console.WriteLine("Document Id is {0}", e.Document.DocumentId.ToString());

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