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Scribd.Net.Search.Result class

The result of a search of documents on Scribd.


  • readonly Scribd.Net.Search.Criteria Criteria : The parameters used to find documents on Scribd.
  • readonly System.Generic.List<Scribd.Net.Document> Documents : Resultant list of documents.
  • readonly int TotalAvailable : Number of documents found on Scribd that matched the search criteria.
  • readonly int FirstResultIndex : Position of the first document within the results to begin from.
Usage Example

// Set up the search criteria
Scribd.Net.Search.Criteria mySearchCriteria = new Scribd.Net.Search.Criteria();
mySearchCriteria.Query = "America";
mySearchCriteria.Scope = Scribd.Net.SearchScope.All;
mySearchCriteria.MaxResults = 100;
mySearchCriteria.StartIndex = 1;

// Call the service.
Scribd.Net.Search.Result mySearchResult = Scribd.Net.Search.Find(mySearchCriteria);

// Display result details
Console.WriteLine("Documents available that met search: {0}", mySearchResult.TotalAvailable.ToString());

// Iterate over documents returned by the service.
foreach(Scribd.Net.Document currentDocument in mySearchResult.Documents)

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