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Scribd.Net.Service class

This class manages the interaction with the Scribd API service.


  • static Slurpify : Slurpifies a given URL.


  • static string APIKey : Scribd-assigned APIKey.
  • readonly static string APIUrl : Web address of the Scribd API.
  • static bool EnforceSigning : Indicates that all calls will include be signed with the Scribd.Net.Service.SecretKey value.
  • readonly static bool IsUserLoggedIn : Verifies the user is logged in.
  • static string PublisherID : Scribd-assigned PublisherID.
  • static byte[] SecretKeyBytes : Scribd-assigned SecretKey as a byte array, used to sign calls to the API.
  • static readonly string SecretKey : Scribd-assigned SecretKey used to sign calls to the API. Internally converted to the SecretKeyBytes array.
  • static User User : User who is currently logged in.
  • static IWebProxy WebProxy : Proxy to use (if necessary) when making calls to the API.


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