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Scribd.Net.Service.Slurpify function

Helper function to "Slurpify" a link.


  • public static string Slurpify(string url)
  • public static string Slurpify(string url, DisplayMode displayMode, bool isPrivate)


  • string url : The URL of the document you wish to slurp.
  • DisplayMode displayMode : How a document is displayed on Scribd.
  • bool isPrivate : Public or private display of the document.

Return Value

  • string : The "Slurpified" url.

Usage Example

// Slurpify a link.
string mySlurpLink = Scribd.Net.Service.Slurpify(@"", Scribd.Net.DisplayMode.Fullscreen, false);

// Or... this will set the DisplayMode to "Scribd" and make the link Public.
string mySlurpLink = Scribd.Net.Service.Slurpify(@"");

  • Cannot resolve release macro, invalid id.
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Special Note

You must specify Scribd.Net.Service.PublisherID to get a correct value.

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